Thursday, October 11, 2012

Planning Helps Keep Me Sane

I knew this week was going to be busy so i planned my workouts & meals ahead of time. Getting to the gym every day this week was going to be impossible, but that's alright! I'll give it all I've got on the days i can make it to the gym. Other days… I'm just not going to stress it this week!!! 

Besides Christmas, this is my busiest week of the entire year! We have three birthdays in 1 week. My middle daughter, we'll call her Hay, just turned 5 last Saturday. My husband (DH) celebrated his 29th birthday Wednesday and my oldest, we'll call her Van, is turning 8 this Saturday. And about a dozen other events are occurring in the meantime :) 

Lets back track & start with Tuesday Nights CrossTrain Challenge!!! Holy Moly…talk about intense, I have the blood blisters on my hands to prove it! We did 10 different exercises and then finished with running a .25 mile and did i mention we had to do it all as fast as we could. I love cross training because you're done in 20-30 minutes! Great for the busy mom!

Wednesday, i had appointments all day so unfortunately i didn't make it to the gym, didn't even have time to workout at the house. Thursday, I'll make up for it! Planning on hitting the gym late tonight once the kids are asleep. Found a great stair stepper workout that I'm going to give a shot! Check out the link below!

*~* Thursday Tidbit*~* IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, THEN YOU PLAN TO FAIL.  Map out a plan for the week, but don't stress if things come up and your schedule changes unexpectedly. Jump back on the saddle the next day, try to stick to the plan, and give it all you've got.  Be determined to not get discouraged, a bunch of baby steps = 1 large leap. 

!!!!TRY THIS!!!! Stepmill Workout

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