Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ready, Set, Dive

Sunday night… just tucked all my babies into bed… Well, I call them babies but my oldest will be 8 this week! I've realized recently that time goes by too quickly. I want to treasure the memories we make from here on out, and to be able to revisit them years from now. I've got my coffee in hand, sweatpants on and computer charged. I'm ready to dive in and keep track of our everyday miracles. Let's Blog….

A bit about me. I'm your ordinary housewife and mom of three. We live in a quiet neighborhood right down the street where I spent the majority of my childhood. It may not seem like there would be much to blog about in our small suburb, let me assure you; our life is busy and things are always changing. I'm not a big planner (except when it comes to food) and I tend to procrastinate so at times my posts may be random and sporadic, bear with me; it's the way I live my life. 

Here you're going to discover: I love being a healthy mom and role model for my family. I will supply you with quick and easy to follow workouts and delicious healthy meals. I haven't always been into working out and eating healthy, but lately, it's become my passion. Let's dive a little deeper… 

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