Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Month, Another Set of Goals

So October has come and gone and i have to say, i did okay on my goals… 
I didn't reach all of them but i at least improved on most
I haven't reached my 10 pull-up goal yet, I'm @ 6 & hoping by December i'll have 10 under my belt!
My strength training is going great and met all the goals there so that's a plus!
As far as my running… i'm so bad about keeping track but i'm pretty sure i met my 25 mile mark. I'll be better about recording it this month! 
Water….my most challenging goal! There are days i really struggled to drink, i just forget!!! I've got to get in a habit of drinking water, even when i'm not thirsty!
Double Under Jump rope….i'm just not coordinated enough! enough said, I'll keep trying :/ 
And my most exciting accomplishment, Hand Stand Pushups! I crushed them and got over my fear of being upside down!!! 

Thanks for those that encouraged me to stick with my goals. It is so much more fun when my friends join in with me. You ready for Novemeber!?! Another month means another set of goals. Here goes:

* begin my morning workout routines again!!!
* 10 consecutive pull-ups
* run 30 total miles
* DRINK.DRINK.DRINK (water that is) atleast 8 glasses a day
* begin taking weekly yoga classes
* bench press 100lbs.

Who's up for the Challenge, list your own goals in the comments below and we'll help keep each other accountable!!! We're already a week in so i've got to step up my game and get focused. Let's do this!

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