Thursday, January 3, 2013

"100" Workout

Don't let the number scare you! This is a simple circuit that you can perform anywhere. I know a bunch of moms follow this blog so i try to make these workouts doable, especially when time is limited due to munchkins running around needing your attention. Workouts like P90X are wonderful but who really has the time to dedicate  1.5 hours to the tv while the kids are home? So I hope you find you can execute most of these workouts with the kids running circles around you.

squats are going to shape your butt and thighs & get you the J-Lo booty you've always wanted!
while push-ups are going to sculpt your whole body, woop woop!
bicycle crunches will get those abs burnin and get the 6 pack you've dreamed of!
leg raises will shape the lower abs and hips, thank goodness for no more belly pooch!!!
And burpees are... seriously intense!!!

100 reps, short, sweet, and to the point!!!

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