Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everyone has things that go through their mind, distracting them from what truly matters in this world. We all have things we have to get done but worrying your way through life will get you  nowhere. It will beat you down and make it hard to get  back up! Make it a daily goal to point out the things you are grateful for. Whatever it may be, big or small, announce it aloud while you're driving in the car, washing dishes, folding clothes, making beds. Wherever you are make it a point to notice the good things in your life. When those negative, pessimistic thoughts start to creep into your head, shut them down before they send you into a spiraling funk. So today, Instead of waking up grouchy because you wanted to sleep 10 more minutes, wake up, take a look outside, notice the sunrise (or just the sun if you happened to miss the sunrise ;)  and thank God for another beautiful day and smile. It's amazing what smiling can do for your attitude! Try it, guarantee it's contagious and everyone around you will be in a better mood because of it. Happy Thursday folks, i'll be coming at you soon with a KILLER workout!

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