Sunday, January 13, 2013

☼ Funday Sunday ☼

The gym is a wonderful place to get your sweat on although, when it's 60 degrees out in January  i prefer to take my workout outside!! I'm not sure where all of you are located but here in Virginia, we're getting a nice glimpse of spring ✿ Have fun today and let's mix up our daily routine ☼

My kids will be thrilled to hit the park today and i'll be excited to squeeze in my workout while enjoying time with my little bambinos! Here are some ideas to make the park your gym for the morning! 

Park Benches.....who knew they could have so many uses!

✔ Tricep Dips
✔ Incline Push-Ups
✔ Box (bench) Jumps 
✔ Hanging Leg Lifts on monkey bars
✔ Decline Sit-Ups on slide

Do each exercise for 1 minute, for a total of 5 minutes! Repeat all exercises about 6 times until you've completed a 30 minute workout. Weather permitting of course, enjoy your day outside!

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