Monday, January 14, 2013

☀ Super Veggie ☀

No wonder Popeye ate this every day, it's one of the best things for you and definitely my favorite vegetable. The health benefits of spinach are endless! Read on for my top reasons to eat this wonder veggie. 
* it is readily available and affordable for any household. If you don't want to buy it it's super easy to grow. (one of the only things i can grow successfully)
* Nourishes the eyes: gotta keep care of those baby blues (or green in my case) It's an excellent source of beat-carotene, a powerful disease fighting antioxidant that reduces the risk of developing cataracts.
* High amounts of potassium promote a healthy ♥
* 1 cup has about 20% RDA of fiber to keep your digestive system on track!
* LOADED with vitamins like A,K,D, & E
* Great source of omega 3 fatty acids
* strengthens bones
* VERSATILE: eat it raw, steamed, or blended into a smoothie. 

Think it sounds disgusting: check out this recipe!!! 

Green Monster Smoothie
1 cup total : water with ice
1 c raw spinach
1 tbsp peanut butter
1/4 c plain greek yogurt
2 tbsp agave nectar
1 scoop vi-shake protein powder
1/2 sliced banana

Blend well and enjoy, this smoothie is so amazing. If you don't have the vi-shake, Trader Joes sells an awesome Green Powder filled with nutrients (not too much protein but still an amazing natural product). 

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