Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tabata Tuesday

Check this out for a quick workout!!! It's fast and super effective. 
I enjoy Tabata when i am short on time (which is most of the time) 

The idea behind Tabata is you take 2 exercises (listed below) 1 from each column and perform them for 20 sec. resting for 10 sec alternating between the exercises you choose. You do this until you have reached 8 sets. Other than the 10 sec. in between exercises there is no resting until all 8 sets are done!!! This workout takes all of 4 minutes!!! Make sure you have a timer to keep track. If you want more of a sweat, feel free to take as many pairs of exercises and keep going with another round of 8. 

Which exercises did you choose to do today?!?! 

thanks @youmefit for the visual!!!

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