Tuesday, February 26, 2013

6 Week 6 Pack, less than a week away!!!

Getting Ready for 6Week/6Pack Challenge

It's time to stop "saying" you're going to get healthy, let's actually do it this time! For these next 6 weeks we will train "together" and be held accountable! Let's see what we can accomplish in these short 6 weeks. You have no excuse not to do it because i've taken the thought out of it & I will be supplying all workouts for the entire 6 weeks with a calendar to follow along with and detailed workouts/videos. There will be a meal plan but they are strictly "ideas" and not complete recipes since there are so many allergies and preferences! Feel free to mix & match.

We wil be doing a number of cardio(to burn fat)and strength exercises to sculpt your body. Things i suggest doing before we start:

⤿ Take Before picture, you will want this to look back on at the end of the 6weeks. Do not take daily photos… We will take one at day 1 @ the end of week 3 and @ the end of week 6.
you do not have to show them to anyone but at the end, if you are proud of what you've accomplished i'd love for you to share them!!!
⤿ Get Measured, whether i measure you or you measure yourself, take your measurements! Since we'll be doing strength in this workout as well, you may not notice a big drop in numbers but your waistline may start shrinking!
i can set up an appointment to take your measurements if you'd like!
⤿ Choose a protein shake because we will be using a high protein, high fiber diet. I recommend the Vi-Shape Shake. It's a meal replacement shake packed with nutrients, vitamins, protein & it also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. I can mail you sample to try before you buy it if you'd like or i can place the order for you so it arrives before the 4th! 
⤿ If you have a little extra weight to take off, step up your cardio workouts before we even start this, no matter what shape your abs are in, if you have a layer of fat covering them no one is going to see them.

To get you ready here are a few resources to check out:
motivation: http://TheAbsoluteStrength.com
stretching: http://i.imgur.com/3UhVu.png
protein shake: http://alisonopel.bodybyvi.com
Please email me if you have any questions!! info@theabsolutestrength.com

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