Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gotta laugh at Yourself ☺

so who's ready for some humor to start their day?!?

I was really sleepy this morning and my new bed was holding me hostage , I even hit the snooze on my alarm!! when it went off a 2nd time i thought, "How am i supposed to motivate people if i'm not motivated?" well folks, that right there got me motivated and out of the bed! 

So i go to the gym this AM & am lifting my weights, looking all bad ass in the mirror ;) I finish my routine and head up stairs to the stair step… i plug in my numbers and set it for "interval" workout. Things are going good, nice pace, good show on tv,  until i hit my first 1 minute interval….the machine starts picking up speed, goes faster, faster, so fast i'm now in an all out sprint up the stairs! FYI-Before i started i didn't even look to see if there was a "oh crap strap" in case i flew off. 

So…the machine seems to be set to max capacity, i'm running sprinting up the stairs and starting to get dizzy from watching my feet. I'm thinking in my head…i'm gonna fall, i can't stop, i can't even look up for a second to find the stop button or my feet will miss a step and it will be disastrous. So what is one to do??? (i really want you to feel like you were there) 
There's no other way out that i can see, so I jump up, missing my target & slide back down on the first attempt, jump back up, straddle the machine railing at the very top ( looking like King Kong on the top of the empire state building) and finally bring the machine to a sudden halt. Mind you, this is all within a 30 second window….i knew i couldn't keep it up for another 30 seconds! 

….of course looked around to see if anyone else got amusement out of my catastrophe of a cardio workout. All i could do was laugh. A minute later, i got my composure again & resumed my workout but at a "manual" pace!  Next time…i'll know better! 

i tell you this to say: Get out there and give it all you've got!  Even if you end up looking like a buffoon, you'll know you did your best and you'll be happy to know you're stronger, slimmer, healthier & one day closer to achieving your goals than the day before. ♥

* do you have any embarrassing moments??? post them below so we can all get a good laugh today!!! 

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