Friday, February 1, 2013

♥ Simple is Doable ♥

Want to know how to stay on the healthy trail and not fall back into the convenient ways of today! These tips won't magically make you skinny, but follow this guide and you'll be more likely to achieve your goals and reach them smiling ☺

⇰ Take before and progress pictures! 
     ・i can not stress how important this is, it is sometimes hard to see your progress when it is a gradual loss. Believe me, you will want those monthly progress photos to look back and compare how your body is transforming. It will encourage you to keep going and realize all this hard work really is paying off! 

⇰ record what you eat. 
    ・At least for a few weeks so you can get an idea of what really goes in your mouth. (make sure to record those cups of coffee and handful of m&m's you grabbed on the way to your desk) it's amazing how the food really does add up.

⇰ write it down. ✎
    ・ Make your goals visual. If you can see them constantly you will be more likely to achieve them. If i write something down and throw it in the drawer, there's a good chance i will never look at it again until i happen to stumble upon it. But if i write it down and stick it on my mirror, i will see it multiple times a day and constantly be reminded to make good choices and remember why i'm doing what i'm doing! 

⇰ Set Simple Reminders
     ・we are human and we need constant reinforcement so in addition to writing down on paper, set your phone to alert you throughout the day. To drink more water, hit the gym, go to sleep, wake up,etc. whatever you want to focus on make sure to remind yourself to keep moving towards those goals.

⇰ Competitive??? 
     ・ if that's what motivates you, start competing! Not professional (unless you want) but grab your nearest most willing friend and make it a game, see who can reach their goals first or who can do the most squats in 5 minutes or run the quickest mile. Embrace the competition.

⇰ Mix it up
     ・if we do the same routine day in and day out we're bound to get bored. What happens when we get bored with something? We stop doing that something! To beat boredom, make sure to switch it up daily and if you have to, give something up for a while until you feel it's time to add it back in. Swim,  cycle, run, zumba, lift, yoga, dance...there are many options out there to keep your body guessing and heart willing.

⇰ Chillax!
     ・if you start to think of working out as a job, something you have to do whether you want to or not; you're going to start having an attitude of obligation rather than willingness. Keep it fun, don't let yourself get a bad attitude. If we don't like what we're doing then in the end we'll ultimately give up. 

⇰ Rock it out ♪♬♩
     ・upload the tunes. What makes you want to jump around and dance!? Let's go back to our childhood and let lose to the music. If it makes you want to dance, you'll most likely want to run & lift to it as well. 

Remember, we're doing this because we:
・want to be healthy
・want to lose weight
・want to be strong
・want to be happy
・want to be a good example
・want to prove you can do this
・want to _________________

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