Friday, March 22, 2013

Cardio Crunch

It's no question, I LOVE  to lift!!!I LOVE getting stronger! This is great but i'm realizing....I may have an imbalance in my workout routine...i suppose i need to add in a little more cardio, but not just any cardio. I’m picky about cardio I choose. I can’t stay on the treadmill for longer than 20 minutes w/o being bored outta my mind!  Not when I see all the other options, it just makes the treadmill drag on and on....
Some of my all time fave cardio exercises are one's that don't feel like exercise at all!!!
♥ Zumba, Cycle, Hip-Hop Dance, & Kickboxing are my mentionable favorites!!! ♥
Usually I try to focus on strength with short HIIT blitzes throughout the week. I'm going to try to get in the habit to post what my previous workout week looked like, to keep myself a little more accountable & to make sure i'm varying up the workouts! Gotta keep the body guessing. Don't get in a rut doing the same workouts week after week. Your body will begin to adapt to these routines and the progress will start to slow down and the dreaded  "plateau" will strike!
My usual schedule rotation, when everything goes accordingly at the house: 
Sunday Funday: rest day with the family, i don't hit the gym on this day.
Monday: Strength
Tuesday: Cycle/Abs
Wednesday: Body Pump or i rest this day
Thursday: Kickboxing & Core
Friday: Body Pump / Bootcamp
Saturday: Cycle/Strength (this is hit or miss...depending on the family)
I get a little less cardio than strength and thinking this is why i can't seem to get my midsection chiseled to my likeness.  Now there is a fine line to doing enough cardio and too much cardio. Even though I strength-train regularly, I don't want to over do the cardio and eat away my precious muscle i worked so hard for. And that's what sometimes happens...You end up doing way more than was necessary. Some think, every session has to be super intense but you actually need to alternate cardio intensities just like strength exercises to enable recovery and see fitness gains from your work.
Rules to Remember:
1) Focus on what you do in the kitchen. When you are trying to lose weight it is important to watch what types of calories you are consuming. (a person who eats 1800 calories of french fries & burgers is going to feel and look much differently than someone eating the same caloric intake of nutrient-dense foods). Focus on eating clean to fuel your body.
2) Eating is a huge part of achieving your weightless/fitness goals. If you indulge in that triple chocolate brownie, don't beat yourself up  about it! Everything in moderation, it's not going to kill your progress! If you deprive yourself, eventually you most likely will give in to those cravings and go wayyy overboard. Go ahead and have dessert, just not after every meal!
3) Quality over Quantity. You only need 30-45 minutes of cardio most days of the week. Anything longer than 60 minutes  (if not properly fueled) will result in burning away precious lean muscle that we worked so hard for. We don't want that!
While there isn't a one-size-fits-all cardio plan, here’s my cardio checklist:
-Are you doing cardio for more than one hour? WHY? make sure to not over train, your body needs time to rest and recover. When your body is recovering it is repairing all those torn muscles and making them stronger and is a good thing!
-Alternate cardio intensities. Your heart is a muscle and just like your legs, triceps, biceps, ALL of your major muscles, it needs time to rest and recover. It can’t do that if you’re going hard core everyday.  Make sure to have an easier day, hard day, off day, and alternate between classes.
-Is it something you love? Do what makes you happy. If you like the treadmill, by all means hit the treadmill but remember to vary your workouts. walking/running @ 5mph every day for 30 minutes...while it's good for the heart, your body will adapt and stop changing. Make sure that your workouts are something you look forward to, there’s no reason to make yourself do something you dread. Put on some music and swing your partner around, take a run or hike outside, or be really spontaneous & try something new.
Now GO...and be awesome!

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