Monday, March 11, 2013

Ditch the Scale!

For so long it's been instilled in us that we need to see a low number on the scale to be skinny and if we don't eat we get skinny. BOTH of those statements are LIES! 

So many people have a specific # they want to see appear on the scale. We all know it's easy to drop weight by not eating right and starving the body but it's not healthy. You will be dissapointed because even if you reach that magic #, your body shape may not have changed very much and you will have lost mostly muscle not fat... so now you're a "fat-skinny"person! Meaning, you're BMI is high even though you weigh less. This is why we must incorporate cardio, strength training and practice healthy eating habits at all times. If we do these things, we will nourish our body and fuel it for the day ensuring it has enough energy to perform its duties. We will avoid highs and lows in our diets and avoid binge eating since we've starved ourselves to the point where we can't control our cravings. Our bodies need food to fuel our bodies and in return our muscles will grow bigger and stronger, we'll burn more calories and weight may drop due to increase in lean muscle mass! 

Now...the tricky part, when you start eating healthy and exercising properly the scale may actually rise in numbers. This is not because you are eating more and getting fat! You are creating lean muscle and getting rid of fat. Muscle does not weight more than fat. BUT muscle is more dense so it takes up less space than fat! It's a good thing if you notice your body changing but the number on the scale isn't reflecting your hard work. It means your fat % is dropping and you are gaining lean muscle mass!!! You're making progress & getting stronger and healthier! 
5 lbs of fat vs. 5 lbs of muscle
We have to get passed that mind set that a lower number means skinnier! Please, don't be discouraged if you're weight fluctuates on the scale. Monitor your progress by your body measurements, energy level, and the way your clothes are fitting! Take before and progress pictures to show your transformation since it can be a gradual process. Keep working hard, don't stress about the magic number appearing on the scale, focus on your self and your happiness. 

I've included a picture to show you a woman weighing the exact same amount on the scale but has a lower body fat percentage. The difference is amazing!! 

It takes a while to switch that thought process since it's been instilled in us since forever...but once you realize these two things, you will be a happier healthier you! 

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