Saturday, March 23, 2013

Free-Style Fitness

So today i was supposed to hit the gym but my hubby is going to be gone all day...and to be perfectly honest i don't want to put my kids in the Kid Zone @ the gym for an hour on their day off too!

So, being the awesome mom i am ;) decided to make my gym time into a game with the chillins in the comfort of our home! Usually we'd take it outside but since winter has returned for this week, we'll be staying warm & indoors!

We all went into our own corner in the house and created very different unique exercise routines.

The kids loved feeling like they were in charge and loved telling me what to do for a change. It was so cute to see what their little minds came up with! And they definitely didn't take it easy on me. I made mine all cutsie... they weren't playing around! :)

Such a fun way to add fitness into our daily routines, and they practiced their writing skills & used their imagination in the mean time! Happy Ssaturday!

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