Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friends Who Sweat Together, Stick Together

Had a killer bootcamp at the gym today and it got me thinking!
When i think of folks at the gym, i can think of 3 types of people:

#1. You've got Teammate Tammy, loves to sweat it out with friends and make working out a team thing. Pushing each other to the dyer end even when you feel like you wanna throw up and want to quit, your friends are there cheering you on!

#2. You've got Serious Sarah, enjoys the gym just as much as Teammate Tammy and gets just as great of a workout, but prefers to get in her zone and workout alone.

#3. Then you've got, Chatty Cathy. Totally fine if this is you-btw. They're the one's that walk on the treadmill or stay in the stretching area the whole time in fear they may get too sweaty and have to shower before running errands. They use this as their social time & hey, laughter is a great form of exercise....

I'm not picking on any of these groups but i want to know which one are you. Do you enjoy the group classes and working out with friends? Are you more likely to push yourself with your music blasting in your ears and "drop it like it's hot". Or is this your "me" time when you can catch up with friends, drop the kids in the childcare and remove yourself from the stresses of the outside world for the next 60 minutes?

I would definitely have to say I'm mostly a Teammate gym goer but there are times i like to turn my music up as loud as it can go and crush some nasty weight sets or sprint it out on the treadmill...and that folks, you just can't do laughing & chatting with your friends, there's physically is not enough oxygen left!! As much as i love my friends, there's a time and place for everything, and if i drive myself to the gym, arrange my day to workout, you better believe i'm goin to get my maximum calorie burn. Just my little tidbit for this fine Tuesday. xoxo

one of our awesome bootcamp classes!!

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