Thursday, March 7, 2013

Morning Person or Night Owl?

If you ask anyone, they would tell you how much I used to HATE mornings. I still love my sleep but now i have the pleasure of waking up early (almost) everyday. Some think I'm crazy for getting up early when i could still be sleeping. But I'll tell you why i get up early then you can decide if I'm still crazy or pure genius.  lol, go figure as i typed genius it had to auto correct it for me ;) oops.

➺ Rise and Shine and say hello to a new day. I get the chance to wake up, put my feet on the floor, wiggle my toes in the carpet, and exclaim (quietly) that today is going to be a great day.

➳ Sweat time. If i don't exercise in the morning, it usually will not get done. Schedules/life get busy and that's usually the first thing out the window, because let's face it. No one else cares if i don't workout but if we don't have groceries for're going to hear about it! So my ritual begins with waking up early and hitting the gym and making time for me.

➻ If you're a night owl & it works for you, that's wonderful. I used to be one...but now, i allow myself to see the most amazing creation God created, every morning. The Sunrise☀. The colors are different every morning and it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the sky is. Something we take for granted everyday, but when you see the night slowly turn into this glorious colored filled morning begin to not take it for granted anymore and start to cherish those moments.

➸ So after my drive home watching the sunrise, i get to walk into a house of complete silence. Aah, just think about how that feels for a second. I have my coffee and just sit...with no distractions, no kids yelling, no tv, no traffic, no responsibilities to tend to at that given moment. I soak up the silence b/c i know this will be the only time of the day it occurs. And i sit for a few more moments until...

➺ Early bird gets the worm. Mornings have got to be my most productive part of the day. For all the same reasons why i enjoy my coffee & silence but I also have a few moments to get the house ready for the day ahead. Dinner is planned, lunches are packed, toys are tidied, clothes are washed, floors are steamed and it's done quickly because i have no interruptions ☺And now my house is ready to be terrorized by a bunch of munchkins!

➸ Set my goals. This is a perfect time to map out a plan for my day. I review past goals and make them a priority. I figure how i can be most productive and go from there. If it's written down, I'm more likely to not forget or get side tracked through out the day.

By this kids are stirring and it's time for another day to begin for the rest of my family. I wouldn't change anything about my life,because even though it's sometimes crazy! It's my crazy &  i love it. The hustle & bustle makes me enjoy my mornings that much more.

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