Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swap Out

I love to eat just as much as the next person. Here are some easy swap outs that can save you major calories in the long run!! Don't let your diet ruin your hard work spent in the gym. Abs are formed in the kitchen, so let's make the most of our meals.

trade out: 
red meat for red lentils: lentils are packed with protein & fiber with no fat!! Cut the meat in 1/2 and bulk it up with beans! No one will ever notice.

toss the tortilla for lettuce leaves: cut carbs by wrapping sandwiches in lettuce. Replacing 2 slices of bread with a leaf of lettuce saves you about 30g of carbs!

sliced cheese for grated cheese: you'll be able to get just as much flavor with grated cheese then the pre sliced cheeses. saving you mega calories as long as you grate sparingly.

mayo for greek yogurt:  most of the time, i use greek yogurt in place for mayo. Tuna, chicken salad, salad one can ever tell the difference and it's so much healthier!!

yellow corn chips for blue corn chips:  blue corn has a lower glycemic than white corn so they won't raise your blood sugar as quickly! And they have more protein.

Nuts for Shelled Nuts: more time having to crack the shells, less time popping handfuls in your mouth!

bread for water:  WHAT?? hear me out! instead of stuffing your face with the bread bowl at a restaurant, first drink a glass of water to curb your hunger. Wait for your meal. The bread basket alone can tack on 50 carbs and 25 g of fat (if you add butter!)!!!!

cold oil for hot oil:  always warm your oil before you add your food. Cold oil will soak into your meat and veggies adding more fat to your meal

thick steak for sliced steak: trick your mind into thinking you're eating more! Slice it thinner and it will appear to be a bigger serving. Eat slow, savor your food and you won't miss a thing.

bacon burger for stuffed burger: next time you grill out, hollow out the middle of the burger & fill with veggie of choice (mushroom, peppers, spinach) it will make the burger appear bigger with fewer calories and added nutrients.

crackers for oats: when the recipe calls for crackers/ bread crumbs, use an equal amount of quick cooking oats to up your fiber & lower cholesterol!

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