Monday, May 20, 2013

Lose your muffin top!!!

If only our muffin top looked as cute as it sounded!!! Everyone is looking for a quick fix!. I was reading on the Internet today and i think i found one. Read on!

Step 1: Wear high waisted underwear because the low rise dig into your sides creating a muffin top appearance .

Step 2: Wear Mom Jeans: the low rise dig into your sides making your sides bulge over even when there isn't a bulge. They may feel a lot like mom jeans but give it some time. No one sees the top  of your jeans anyways!

Step 3: Wear a long jacket.....
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LOL. These have got to be the worst 3 pieces of advice ever....yes i agree if i am covered with clothing, wear my undies up to my belly button and my jeans even higher i won't have a muffin top but i will also look like an old fart shopping in the senior section of the store...sorry not gonna happen, i'm still in my 20's! out and eat right! that'll get rid of the muffin top while still managing to hang on to your fashion sense!

My top 3 ways to slim the muffin top with fashion choices:

1. Wear jeans that fit your body making sure to buy the right size! Too small of jeans will cut into your sides and give you that dreadful muffin top. The right size might not be the same size you wore in high school. Accept this and buy clothes that fit your "now" body.

2. Undies: no need for granny panties, go commando! If there aren't any waist bands than there is nothing to dig into your sides, right?

3. Ditch the long jacket that'll cover all your best assets! Wear a fitted tailored jacket that doesn't swallow you and shows off your curves!

Whichever set of tips you choose, the choice is yours, make sure it's a comfortable one that fits your body and makes you happy. :) Happy Monday Folks!

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