Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make Time for Momma

So many obligations, so many commitments, gotta be here gotta run there....playing the role of a Mom is tough and it's even more tough finding time for yourself without feeling guilty about it!

Unfortunately, Society make us feel that if our days are constantly busy with kids, jobs, life, etc. that we are overextending ourselves, pushing are kids too much, and it's not healthy, but on the other hand people make us feel if we aren't constantly busy and involved in every event and heaven forbid we try to take a moment for ourselves than we are being selfish and's a lose lose if you try to please society and everyone around you, so stop trying!

Take a moment, and don't worry what a single other person thinks. You know that you're not going to miss your kids sporting event or blow off their school dance for a day to yourself b/c yes that would be selfish. But who's to say you don't deserve a moment of peace every once in a while. And by "every once in a while" i mean at least once a day!!!

Have you ever been into a room where all you here is the same noise over and over and makes you want to lose your mind, right! You need to step outside and take a break from it, right?!? Well how is being a mom any different. "mom, mom, mommy, hey mom, mom i need this, mom where is that, mom, mom, etc." If we don't take a second for ourselves and re-energize we won't be able to give our "life" 100%.

Next time you wake up, schedule a moment for YOU. Whether it be somewhere away from the house or locked in your bathroom for just 5 minutes to tweeze your eyebrows that are out of control! Make it a priority, everyone around you will thank you when you do. The world will not fall apart if you step out of it for 5 minutes or even an hour. Heck go crazy and leave for the entire day someday! When you come back, your family will be more appreciative of you, they'll be eager to see you and you'll feel good that you finally were able to do something you wanted to do. Then you can offer 100% of you and can be re-energized for whatever curve balls life has to throw at you. 

On that note, I'll step down off my soapbox but first get your calendar out right now and make it a point to give yourself an extra few minutes of "free time" tomorrow. XOXO

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