Sunday, May 19, 2013

Objects in Mirror are closer than they appear!

It's Wednesday morning, unfortunately my Baby Bootcamp is cancelled for the day and i remember a class at the gym that i love but never get to attend because of my work schedule. I decide to toss my littlest in the van and head to the gym as soon as we drop my daughter off at school. Of course...we're the last in the drop off line, go figure, the one day i need to be somewhere by 9:45! We drop her off and rush to the gym to make the class. We run inside, drop my son in the kid zone and rush upstairs, before i reach the top, i get stopped by a friend i haven't seen in way too long. Talk for 2 minutes and continue up the stairs. Walk in the exercise room and it is packed! ALL the equipment is already taken and they've started warming up. I go & grab some equipment from across the gym and squeeze in between two ladies. I'm just in time to catch the last bit of the warm up.

I glance in the mirror to check my form (really to make sure i don't look like a disheveled mess) and i catch a glimpse of the chick in front of me.

No way... seriously... get this! i picked the one spot in the room that was right behind a girl... my husband (ex-boyfriend at the time) decided to have a "one date thing" with?? Couldn't believe it & since i was the one who scored the guy in the end, starting laughing at what a small world it really is. ;)

I gotta admit, i worked out extra hard during that workout and didn't stop even when i felt like my arms were turning to noodles. The entire hour I only caught glimpses of her side since I was directly behind her, she didn't acknowledge me nor did I her. As the class ended we met eyes and you would think it would've been a totally awkward moment?!? But it wasn't at all! BECAUSE it wasn't the chick i thought...For the past hour i busted my tail, sweating buckets impressing some random girl I will never see again. Maybe i need to run into my husband's "exes" more often, I definitely got my maximum calorie burn that day! Let's see what kind of imaginary person i can run into this week to intensify my workout.

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