Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pain of Discipline is Far Less Than the Pain of Regret

We all like to feel like we can succeed, right?? If we don't feel like we're going to be victorious, we're not going to take that leap of faith, are we?

I want you to breakthrough your barriers and move forward with a growing momentum that will ultimately help you achieve your goals and make them a reality instead of just a dream. 

This only works if you stick with it. Just reading what i post won't get you anywhere, so commit to yourself for the next month that you will make a change. Whether you choose group bootcamps or one on one trainings. Make it happen, the only thing standing in your way is you! 

For the person who loves interaction and is the social butterfly, Bootcamp class is a wonderful tool to help you reach your fitness/weight loss goals in a group setting.
➣It holds you accountable: folks are expecting you to show up every week.
➣It motivates you: when you see others losing weight and making progress, it makes you want to work harder. If they keep going, you're not going to want to be "the quitter".
➣You motivate others:  when you start losing weight and seeing changes, others will want to continue working out harder to reap the same benefits you are!

Yes, we meet early...6:00am, but as long as you are disciplined and care enough about yourself to get healthy, you'll learn to love getting up early. It's one of those feelings, when you are done with your workout first thing in the morning, you feel accomplished. Like you can take on whatever the world throws at you. You don't have to stress all day whether you're going to be able to fit in exercise because you've already done it while half of the world still sleeps! 

~ If 6am just isn't possible because of work schedules (not just because you're not a morning person, that's not an excuse) than I've got another option for you that you can do from home anytime you want. 

Online Personal Training.
➛I equip you with guided meal plans designed for your weight loss goals.
➛I provide workouts structured specifically for your fitness level and fitness goals.
➛I take the pressure and planning out of figuring out how to eat healthy and what types of exercises you should be doing.
➛I send you reminders to workout and to fight off those cravings that arise at 3pm.
All you have to do is execute the workouts when it's convenient for you, follow the meal guidelines, get plenty of rest and you're guaranteed to see results. 

I've figured it all out for you. You can have results or you can have excuses. It's hard work but it's easy when you have all the guidelines laid out and handed to you. Take hold of the reigns and lets start moving.


  1. i would love to hear more about the Personal Training Online! I'm a busy mom at home that has no time to get a shower let a lone get to the gym! HELP!

  2. ^fake comment, no one actually visits this site

    1. i know at least one person visits ;)